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Hotel mattress makers talk to you about sleep

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Date: 2017-4-17 15:47:23 Read: 508 times

It is my ultimate dream to fall asleep in the spring and fall asleep in the wake of winter.
Insomniacs think the biggest thing in life is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,
It's so important that it should be repeated for three times.
Because tonight is not sleeping!


I also know the disadvantages of insomnia,
Think of my appearance, fashion hot girl, I don't want to be earlier!
But goose, every time we fall asleep is hot!
I think I'm also at a thoughtful age,
Next door xiao wang gave me a delivery today.
Did he like me? Well, I have to talk to him tomorrow.


You can't sleep well,
The name of the people is updated after 12 o 'clock. My secretary, my secretary, is still waiting for me...
I'm going to get tired of running after tonight's update.
Good guy, the barrage can be behind the scenes...
Look at no one who is good, good brain...
As a result, the eye is very honest and sleepy, but the brain is more sober.
It's three o 'clock. It's time to go to bed...
The next day, the mirror suddenly found that guobao abdicated, and the baby succeeded.
Somebody help me!!


Each of us is likely to encounter these situations,
The doctors call it pseudo insomnia,
Although pseudo insomnia does not cause the lesion of the organ,
But it can seriously affect our lives and health.
What the hell is pseudoinsomnia?
It turns out that some people sleep less than normal people every day.
So think of yourself as "insomnia".
This insomnia is called pseudo insomnia,
In other words, the insomnia is not real, only the psychological feeling of the client has insomnia.
From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine,
Pseudo insomnia is really disease, must cure!
Traditional Chinese medicine is the category of insomnia,
The main reason is the deficiency of qi and blood, the symptoms of spleen and stomach disorders.


Chinese medicine emphasizes the origin of medicine,
Here are a few tips for solving our sleep problems.
1. Jujube powder tea, 15 grams of jujube powder, before going to bed at night. All hypertension, tachycardia, habitual constipation and lactation women should be cautious.
2, the party ginseng 15 grams, the wheat and winter (go to heart) 9 grams, 5 MSG son 6 gram, night hand vine, dragon tooth each 30 grams. Before dinner, the water temperature will be warm, the residue will be Fried, and one hour before bed, one dose daily.
3. Eggs 2, wolfberry 15 grams, red jujube 10. The cure for insomnia is to boil the Chinese wolfberries, the red dates for 30 minutes, and then the eggs into the cooked, daily, 2 times. Main cure insomnia, forgetfulness.
4. Wheat kernel 30g, jujube 15, licorice 15g. Peel the wheat and add the second 2 to the wok. Add water 3 bowls and fry until 1. Wear it before bed every night.
5. Dried longan, 15 grams of foxnut, 100g of japonica rice, 6 grams of lotus seed, and proper white sugar. Cook the foxnut to the shell and crush it into a grain of rice. In the pan, add lotus seeds, longan meat, foxnut and clear water, and boil it into sugar, 1 dose daily.
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You know how good it is when you sleep