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[sleep gold body] bobo-2017 makes your "sleep gold body"

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Date: 2017-3-22 9:23:43 Read: 528 times


Jute fiber - 100KM of ephedra
The unique multi-rib structure of jute fiber has superior air permeability.
Excellent hygroscopic dehumidification, which can not be compared with other textile fibers.
Natural antibacterial anti-mite, moisture absorption dispersion good, antistatic.
The unique "S" structure is like innumerable natural three-dimensional plant springs,
It can perfectly integrate the principle of human mechanics, and the three-dimensional mesh stomata is perfect
The permeability of the product determines the product's air permeability and humidification and can be better
Make sure that every one of them has a high quality sleep. patent
Refined treatment, breakthrough ordinary hemp rope use, become excellent
Healthy sleep materials.

Natural latex
The natural latex mattress is the rubber tree juice collected from rubber trees, through the exquisite technical process combined with modern high-tech equipment and a variety of patent technology to draw, foam, gel, sulfide, washing, drying, molding and packing process afterlife output has many excellent properties suitable for human body quality modern green healthy sleep bedroom supplies. The latex - containing mattress is highly elastic and can meet the needs of different weight groups, and its good support can adapt to the sleeping position of the sleeper. The contact human body area of the latex mattress is much higher than the ordinary mattress, can disperse the weight of the human body on average, has the correction of bad sleeping position function, has the effect of sterilization more. The other characteristic of natural latex mattress is noise, no vibration, effectively improve sleep quality, air permeability is better.