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Upscale mattresses teach you winter to help your sleep

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Date: 2016-12-24 17:15:42 Read: 502 times

In winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is bigger, many attentive host is worried about the flowers and plants to be cold and move them indoors.
Some people to add a bit of life to the interior, simply move the flowers and plants into the bedroom to keep.
But you know what? This is wrong. As for the reason, the water pole upscale mattress made up to tell you
In the winter, everyone is used to shut up the doors and Windows so as to avoid the invasion of cold weather. However, due to poor ventilation, the room is very dry, so that the immune function and resistance of the weak people are prone to "heating diseases", and the symptoms of nasopharyngeal drying, chest tightness and weakness can be found. In order to add oxygen to the air and humidification, and to avoid the plants and flowers to freeze, many flower people simply move the flowers and plants into the room. However, experts say, winter indoors, especially the bedroom as little as possible flowers and plants.
Sources pointed out that green plants can absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, release oxygen, but due to the winter indoor light inadequacy, less moisture in the air, it will affect the photosynthesis rate, make the plant respiration could rather than photosynthesis, not only can't add oxygen, oxygen could argue with people. If there are too many flowers in the room, or at night, the respiration of the plants is very strong, people will feel the shortness of breath.
According to swim jie, an associate professor of agriculture at China agricultural university, there is some truth to this argument. If must be put in the indoor plants, it is suggested that put some smaller volume, at the same time in the evening to liberate oxygen plant, such as cacti, butterfly orchid, bracketplant, aloe, vertical plate grass, mother-in-law, keel, and so on, these plants are not afraid to dry, night can let out the right amount of oxygen (due to its small volume, the amount of oxygen release right people breathing), as well as the air humidification effect.
But, the professor also points out, even these plants, if put in the bedroom also unfavorable too much, choose one or two POTS good. In addition, plant leaves should often spray water.
Wang youjiang, the secretary general of the China vanilla industry alliance, warned that it is not appropriate to put some of the more concentrated plants in the room, otherwise it will stimulate the nerves and affect sleep. Such as Chinese rose, rose, jasmine, milan, tulip, lily, cordate telosma, clove, lavender, mimosa, smell sensitive, for people with high blood pressure, heart disease or especially not suitable for pregnant women.
In addition, the fresh cut flowers inserted in the vase are best not in the bedroom. Dip because of cut flowers in the vase in the water, time is a bit long, cuttlefish roots will immerse decay, mold, mildew or bacteria, not only won't produce oxygen, also will release carbon dioxide, the influence is healthy.
Water pole, sleep is different from now on!
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