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For 16 years, water pole paid tribute to technology

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Date: 2016-5-26 8:29:16 Read: 643 times

It is a scene from the water port factory 16 years ago. Some people have joked that they have a "dream factory". You are the "night work place". "Almost," said the water pole, "the little flaw destroys the whole. Almost, if you drive it, you'll be in trouble." We'd rather be in trouble, but we can't get consumers back to sleep. The traditional process of the Internet and the robot industry has been gradually replaced today, but the "almost, not good" product of the perfect ocd has infected everyone. "Science and art broke up at the foot of the mountain and met at the top of the mountain," flaubert said. Science and art as healthy sleep as soon as the body and mind is interlinked will become sensibility, vivid, inspiring -- and this is the great change of sleep culture innovation leading health science sleep patterns, when science crossover art, how to make art more understand life. A science and art of sleep dreams taken root, and by the depth of the data accumulated more than 20 thousands users sleep study, established a perfect science sleep technology system, includes more than 20 patents, adhering to the "science of sleep, healthy sleep" product design and development idea, creative will sleep science and aesthetic perfect combination, subversive founded the water ball "science 8 g" mattress design standard and "extrasensory health care" sleep system, water ball lapping science 8 g, "extrasensory health care" sleep system, began in an era of crossover, the science of sleep, the sleep out of health. This system can automatically feel sleeper's weight and shape, according to the change of sleepers in the process of sleep, to focus on the center of gravity of the ultra soft and flexible adjustment, timely for orthopedic orthopedic retainer correctly, at the same time, bring you a comfortable sleep more understand cherish to protect your body is healthy.

On May 25, 2016-28 water pol mattress with patent inventions on Qingdao international convention center (international furniture exhibition), water ball hall, to a global audience exhibited open intelligent electric folding mattresses, music, temperature adjustable WenXin vibration massage mattress mattress, far-infrared magnetic therapy mattress, folding fission mattresses, multiple module combination portable mattress, jute fiber mattress and a series of multifunctional mattress, timed open VIP distribution agency. It emerged that the only technology that has emerged has been transformed. Water pole, use "core" to customize the Chinese high-end scientific sleep system.