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Health care mattress companies hand you your choice of bed tools

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Date: 2016-5-24 17:16:29 Read: 623 times

The health care mattress company today teaches you how to choose our bedding, from pillows to mattresses, all of which are related to our sleeping bed and health mattress companies to give you a detailed introduction.
First of all, the pillow choice is: no matter whether you are sleeping on your back or sleeping on your side, you can maintain the normal physiological radians of your neck. Therefore, the health care mattress enterprises have summarized the following pillows to choose the key points:
1. With proper thickness on both sides of the pillow, the cervical spine has good support when sleeping on the side
2. Generally, the height of the cervical vertebra is 6 cm, and the height of adult pillow is 6 cm. Child pillow height increases with age, 8, 9 year old child pillow height is 3 centimeters.
3. The width of the pillow is proportional to the width of the shoulder
4. Resilient. Not deformation due to extrusion, can bear the weight of head and neck naturally
5. The design has a wave radian and the head can be fixed on the pillow
6. Different material properties should be considered with ventilation and ventilation. Feather pillow is comfortable, but not suitable for allergy patients to use; Synthetic fibers are free of allergies, but poor sleep.
Second, what health care companies want to talk about is choosing a mattress that suits you:
Method a, if you can quietly lying down on more than ten minutes, and feel sleepy, is really suitable for your mattress (of course, the premise is that there is a suitable for your pillow), that's because good mattress, pillow should be not only conforms to the human body vertebra curve, and can reduce the pressure of human body.
Method 2, you can also use "muscle energy test" to test: lie on the different types of mattress, legs upward flexion, test your leg strength, your leg strength when the largest mattress is accord with your spine curve of mattress, because now your spinal cord the most open, the most powerful leg, the mattress is suitable for you.
Health care mattress enterprise reminds everybody, the choice of mattress should notice two points
Waist support
When choosing a mattress, you might as well lie down for a while. If there is a palpable sense of air in the waist, then even if the mattress is hundreds of thousands of, it is from too airlifted, it is not what you need. If you lie flat and feel comfortable to curl up in your legs, it's because the waist is already feeling the obvious pressure and you need a hip joint to share the weight.
Shoulder comfort
Side lie down and feel the sense of the stress of the shoulder, hip, if feel too much pressure in a few minutes, so that the mattress is too hard for you, although support is adequate, but comfort is quite lack, it is also not suitable for you, may also cause poor blood circulation in the sleep.
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