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A series of online sales channels on the 6DMT series

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Date: 2015-10-19 16:27:47 Read: 841 times

Today, with the continuous development of the global mobile Internet, there are many new ways and new rules for the marketing channel. The series of water Bohr yinglil series of the 6DMT series conforms to the market channel, the zhengline is hot sale. The water pole product line can also be purchased, currently only the two series of yinglier and 6DMT, the later stage will be more wonderful display.
Direct ordering channels for the series of the water Bohr yinglil series on the 6DMT series:
Inlier series: SPM = a230r. 7195193.1997079397.2. D7DbjI
6DMT series ordering channels: SPM = a313o. 7775905. A1zvx. D53. ZfLvKy&mytmenu = mdianpu&utkn = 3 fbbjazv4goxz51 & user_number_id = 613192343 - pf - to = PCQQ. & qq group
Water pole alibaba product ordering channel: SPM = a261y. 7663282.0.0.2 E39t9