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Natural energy

Product Number: 20160418092306592

Specification model: JZ-ZTCY-K4A-2

Natural energy
  • Natural energy
  • Natural energy
  • Natural energy
  • Natural energy
Product Description
Independent bagged spring:
Each spring body is independently supported and can be telescoped independently to ensure the sound and comfortable sleep. In each part of the body, the spine is naturally vertical, allowing the muscles to relax enough to reduce the number of sleep turning.
Sponge perfect wrap:
Sponge perfect wrap side, delicate fit, prevent mattress to walk bit.
Quality anti-skid net:
High quality anti - skid net solid bed form, maintain sleep health.
Bamboo fiber fabric:
Bamboo fiber fabric is a new kind of fabric made of bamboo fiber by special process. Have: soft and soft warm, antibacterial, moisture absorption, green, anti-ultraviolet, natural health, comfortable and beautiful and other characteristics.