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Natural latex mattresses are the name of Chinese brand, let the world pay attention to make in China

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Date: 2017-9-9 17:22:39 Read: 440 times

The warwolf 2, directed by wu jing, producer and star, has completely exploded the summer film market. From July to August, the coyotes have been unable to stop the Wolf craze from home to abroad. Wujing this pointing straight male hard dedication and strong patriotic feelings, for those of us who eat the melon staged an iron tough guy hero blockbuster, and at that time to the Chinese to the strong, hemorrhagic of China with great reverence.
Wu jing USES life to deduce military roles
Patriotism is not a simple slogan. It permeates the blood of every Chinese person in our daily life, which is reflected in every little thing in our daily life. In the movie "war 2 Wolf," wu rejected foreign brands all sponsorship, out products are using Chinese brands in the movie, so wonderful and have feelings of the director in the entertainment industry with the earnings of all prerequisite, is rare.
At the start of the film, wujing and African black man spell wine, spell out of beer, liquor to (have a look at the bottle is maotai), black elder brothers drink to melt, but wu, za Chinese liquor of only the Chinese can harness (one hundred) praised the point; The mobile phone is the domestic brand of AGM, which is said to be able to "land in the sky" in the movie, which makes my domestic phone more powerful. In the process of fight with chasing villains, wujing driving the suv is not international brands, but Beijing BJ40, slammed into, high-speed empty landing, complex road conditions, completely off, good performance and strong.
Today, China is already a big country, and Chinese brands and Chinese manufacturing are becoming a great product among consumers around the world. As wu jingping insists on using homemade branded products in the movie "Wolf 2," he wants everyone to see that the level of manufacturing in China is perfectly OK.
The following point is related to mattresses. What's the relationship between this hot "Wolf Wolf 2" and mattresses?
Since the release of "Wolf 2", it has been a very close game, which has not only been high in the box office, but also gained a good reputation. It has completely ignited the summer holiday season. The wujing deductive front corner in the movie, is China's iron authorized representatives of the tough guy, will Chinese soldiers of justice and honor performance incisively and vividly, so the film has been nicknamed the "best recruiting propaganda".
But some viewers who have seen the film say some of the scenes are too exaggerated and some are untrue. Is it a violation of the principle of physics that the spring of wu jingying holds a mattress that blocks the RPG warhead from the red turban army?
In fact, the installation of steel barriers on tanks and armored vehicles to intercept RPG rockets has been widely used in the military. The military is usually called "grid armor", so what is the principle of grille armor intercepting RPG rockets?
The grille is 46 mm from the vehicle body and 50 mm from the grille. Due to the RPG - seven of the 40 mm rocket launch is super diameter of 70.5 mm or 85 mm rocket raised the sunder armor, in this way, the rockets play a whole department of the vertebral body hit the grille armored space when hitting the fuze piezoelectric crystal, which can't detonate warhead.
In layman's terms, the RPG is jammed until the RPG detonates, causing the rocket to fail to detonate. But only 60% of the rpg-7 interceptors are in the grille, and it seems that the cold front in the movie has a chance to hold the RPGS against the RPGS.
But it seems nothing to bobo tangled, film art is higher than that of life, exaggeration of performance is also very common, the spring mattress rockets blocking things in the movies that don't call. In other words, the spring mattress of our water ball will not test the road roller next time. Try a fashion point and try to stop the rocket. "Jingo, the natural latex mattress of water Bohr is definitely more insurance than you use!!! "