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The water port mattress came into Australia and made the world fall in love with China

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Date: 2017-7-26 9:00:43 Read: 518 times

On July 25, 2017, the company entered another new starting point for the water port industry co., LTD. Shui pol and zhongfu jia group to sign foreign trade strategic cooperation agreement! The order of 3,000 mattresses was exported to Australia, and the company, which has cooperated with Bohr a number of times, gave a high level of trust in the water pole.

TV station had an interview with the signing ceremony, following the tracks of this is the starting point of water ball towards the world, under the leadership of the "One Belt And One Road" national strategy, water pol 56-point thrashing, go abroad, open up the international market. Strengthen national brand, let the world fall in love with China!

With high standards of product quality, the water port mattress is constantly innovating, improving, and passing through the fumigation and other complex process of the water. The first product was shipped to Australia at the port of SZX and shipped to Australia via the port of SZX. The water ball mattress has already passed the internationalization standard, Australia strict international customs is not the barrier of the water port mattress!

The first heart of the water pole is to stick to the "better mattress", and swear to the international standard to control the production quality, scientific management, and have the confidence to be able to sell products all over the world. Strong national brand of the Chinese people, will "made in China" all over the world.

RIPPLE—Let the world fall in love with China made???

Dong mingzhu once said that without China, there would be no strong national strength and no respect for global consumers. Without China, just relying on capital markets and financing, relying solely on "storytelling", the virtual economy alone will not have real Chinese entrepreneurs. It is the history of an entrepreneur who holds the state in his heart and the staff in his heart and the global consumers in his heart to cry out "let the world fall in love with China".

The water pole will continue to improve and improve, adhere to the original heart, follow the historical feelings, for the world to love China to build and keep trying!